Autumn Workshops 2019

Autumn in the garden

September workshop 13th/14th

This is the beginning of the academic year and in some ways - I know it sounds strange, autumn is also the beginning of the gardening year. This is when we plan for next year, start planting bulbs and, while the soil is still warm and welcoming, plant up borders. If you want to move any plants, especially evergreens, the end of Sept/beg Oct is a good time to do it. Hardy deciduous trees and shrubs can be moved/planted as bare-roots later on in the dormant season.

There are still many plants that are in full swing; lots of lovely late summer perennials and swathes of gorgeous grasses. We’ll be looking at these, how to use grasses among other plants and how to get the best from them through the seasons.

We’ll also collect and store seeds, sow some hardy annuals and look at semi-ripe cuttings.

October workshop  11th/12th

The preparations for next year continue. We will look at bulbs - what to plant, how to plant and where to plant them.

Soil preparation is (like the preparation stage for so many tasks) key to success in a border. The soil is an ecosystem - alive with beneficial organisms and needs to be kept healthy and welcoming. We’ll be looking at making compost, sustainability and recycling garden waste.

Trees and shrubs are beginning to show their colours. We will look at the best trees for smaller spaces and some good shrubs for autumn colour.

Autumn course (2 sessions) £78

Workshops booked separately £49

We will be in the garden for some of the morning, so please wear old/gardening shoes. Tea, coffee, cake provided.

Time: 10am - 12.30

The growing season is longer now and there are plenty of plants that will look good and keep performing until the frosts - and beyond. We’ll be looking at these and also making plans for next year...